Luca FloorFashion store concept focusing on instore communation

In coorporation with Retail Bouw Management Jos de Vries The Retail Company has designed and developed the first pilot store of Luca Floor Fashion (part of Tegelgroep Nederland). Luca Floor Fashion is the place when you are looking for the latest trends and specials on floors. It has become a store where you can find everything on floors, you can experience, judge and purchase of floors. A true shopping experience: fashionable floors of only sustainable and honoust materials, like ceramic, nature stone of wood, available in many types, sizes and colours. Everything shown from an easy accesible concept. You won´t see bath rooms and kitchens but only special floors.

The Luca FloorFashion store opened her doors last April. The company has choosen for a special image, using instore communication as styling and communication media.
The special instore graphice of the store can be seen directly entering the store (located at the Van Slingelandtstraat in Amsterdam). Above the reception, also the cash collection point, you can see on of the new screens of LG. This LCD screen shows movies related to the brand of Luca Floorfashion.
The heart of the store exists of a catwalk. At the end of the catwalk there is a big projection screen where many different applications can be seen. There are two additional screens inside the store. One of the screens is placed near floor heating, here it shows how the system works. The other screen is placed in the special “creation zone”. Juliëtte Renard, Store Manager of Luca Floorfashion, explains the idea of the special zone “Clients consider it to be difficult to obtain an image of how the floor looks like in their house. We have more than four hundres different tiles in this store and these are all collected in the computer. In the creation zone the clients can look in an interactive manner how the desired floor looks like in their house.

French retailer Casino opens hypermarket focusing on female clients

French supermarket and hypermarket chain Casino has opened a new hypermarket under the brand name Géant Casino. This new hypermarket is located in the french city of Montpellier. With the design of the hypermarket the retailer is being focused on the wishes and demands of the female customers. The hypermarket has a total surface of 12.000m2 and with the new format the retailer has choosen for a new strategy of the store format. The store opened is hypermarket 115 of the retailer chain.

The new store concept has a different zone for private brands fresh produce. Furthermore there is a female focus on the textile- , household and leisure department, focusing on the price-quality level. The design of the hypermarket focuses on these fresh produce and the non-food products are grouped based on “moments of use”.
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