From display to point of sale television

In just a short time the store has become much more dynamic: Flat screens that bombard the shopper with visual messages galore: ‘narrow casting’ is taking the retail trade by a storm. Is it just embellishment, or does it actually contribute to higher sales figures?

‘The shop floor has always been important in givingthe consumer the final push. The sowing was done at home, via thematic TV ads, and the reaping was donenear the shelves with dedicated P.O.S. promotions. Think of on and near pack promotions, displays and productdemonstrations.
New opportunities for retailers
Now that TV advertising is rapidly losing its effectiveness (consumer viewing time is dropping while annoyance with advertising is growing) we see that instore communication is becoming more and more important.In addition, the importance of new information vehicles isgrowing – the Internet, GSM, iPod.While manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to get access to consumers,retailers are actually gaining a host of new possibilities! Not only are retailers getting more possibilities for direct communication with consumers, the communication of the manufacturer with consumers is also taking place in stores more and more often. And the great thing about this is that it is the retailer who is calling the shots this time around. It is the retailer who determines what advertisers may communicate in their stores: Does it fit our store concept? Does it tie in with the ambience that we created? Will it sell enough?
Content determines effectiveness
Narrow casting as a kind of ‘fabric softener’ is fine, but there are much more efficient options. Technolgy is developing at high speed, down to systems that can be interactive real time, e.g. via GSM. Still, all this wonderful technology deserves carefully developed ‘content’.
Because it is and will be the content that determines how effective communication will be.
Since many years Jos de Vries The Retail Company is a well-known organisation in the retail business. We are specialised in analyzing, designing and realizing shop concepts all over Europe. We know for a fact that the successful presentation of shops and products can not only bring about a positive image but also achieve above-average successes.

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