The new store formula: The concept phase, the actual design phase

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We have now completed two of the three phases of the Jos de Vries The Retail Company Concept
Development Model. In the discovery phase, we defined your customers and their wishes, and determined your store's identity. Subsequently you translated this into a successful strategy for the new store formula in the Master Vision phase. Then, using the toolbox, you summarised it in a document, which serves as a briefing for the final phase. So now you are ready for phase three: the concept itself.
In the concept phase, you should record the design for the new store concept on paper. However, this is not only a creative phase, but also a phase in which you will encounter many contradictions. In this phase, the store design team has to try to translate the commercial objectives into a store layout design. These two approaches – often very different – need to be balanced.
Moreover, besides linking creativity to the commercial objectives, the design process goes further than finding the right balance between two basic principles which, at first sight, may seem contradictory. In fact, the numerous aspects of the store formula regarding tools, functions and construction techniques require specialist knowledge. The need for extensive knowledge of such things as logistics processes, staff costs control, legislation and regulations and structural parts may not be immediately apparent from the design, but it does to a great extent determine the practicability and the success of the final store formula.

The toolbox has already been introduced in the Master Vision phase. Now you will read what knowledge and expertise you need in order to derive the greatest benefit from it.

In the rest of the chapter we further explain the purposes and the importance of a good store lay-out.
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