Aquíe (Grupo Cuevas) nominated for the World Retail Awards 2009

The candidates for the World Retail Awards (part of the World Retail Congress in Barcelona) have been announced. In the category Retail Innovation the Spanish formula Aquié of the Grupo Cuevas is one of the candidates.

The Spanish formula Aquié has been developed by Jos de Vries The Retail Company and is based on a new, modern design, the use of new technologies and a well-balanced assortment of healthy groceries. Everything seen based on Green Retailing. This central point in the company of Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been adapted in this concept by only supplying bio-recycable bags and furniture and lightning (in combination with Microlight and Smeva) selected on the environmental advantages because of the low consumption of energy.

Next to these innovative aspects of Green Retailing the clients can choose from a selected assortment of daily varying fresh and healthy menus (to prepare or prepacked). These products are tested and prepared by the university of Vigo to create an ecological and healthy product assortment.

This fifth generation supermarket is next to the success of being nominated for the World Retail Awards very succesfull with this new innovative concept. They are that succesfull that they opened their 2nd store already (in A Porriño, Galicia). The first supermarket can welcome over 1.250 visitors on a daily base and the turn-over is over 29% higher than the other stores of the Grupo Cuevas.

World Retail Awards will be announced during the World Retail Congress which will be held the 7th of May in Barcelon. For further information on the World Retail Awards and the World Retail Congress you can take a look here. For more information on the Spanish office of Jos de Vries The Retail Company in Barcelona please take a look here.

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