Green retailing: the green revolution that changes the retail landscape

Jos de Vries The Retail Company and Retail Bouw Management are focusing on the the development “ The Green Shopping Experience “, green retailing and environmental thinking ánd acting in retail. We have to think of the paradox between of earning money on the one side and on the side to “educate” the consumer of consuming less, that the customer adapts will be adapted and that environmental friendly and social responsable products are being purchased.

Last week
Alexis Mavrommatis, senior consultant at Jos de Vries The Retail Company Spain gave an inspring presentation on green retailing for the prestigious EADA Mba business school in Barcelona. This school will launch a new speciality of retail management, where one of the central themes will be “green retailing”.
In the presentation he mentioned that especially in these difficult crisis it is difficult to think and act environmental friendly. Important aspects for green retailing for retailers are adapting to the different senses of the consumers: the mental, emotional, intellectual, fysical and motivation aspect.

It is necessary to be different, authentic and to increase the multisector perception, break routines and communicate with the customers. The green revolution is not just a trend, but an increasingly important phenomen in the world of retail, it will change our lives, the way we consume and the way we buy.

In the United Kingdom and Germany we can see the retailers develop their own green plans, like for example Marks&Spencer with their Plan A. But also Tesco and Sainsbury focus on the green aspect in the retail landscape.

Below we give some of the example of green retailing in the United Kingdom.
Investment in logistics and recycling: Tesco invests 150.000 euro per store in recycling.

Sainsbury´s invests in logistics: the trucks use fuel which is generated from the recycled garbage of the stores.

Environmental friendly shopping bag of Tesco, which includes the recycling of 15 cans of Coca Cola.
Clients are being rewarded with the loyalty system when they do green purchases.

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