Retailtrends from all over the world: marketing focusing on kids

This week we show the latest trends on marketing for kids, retailing focusing on the kids. Children are the future, the consumers of today and tomorrow. Who wants to create loyalty of the kids needs more than a conversative concept, Jos de Vries The Retail Company shows you the latest trends in marketing for kids.

American Girl (United States)
The store American Girl focuses experience and services go hand in hand. Directly after the entrance you can find the “American library for girls”, decorated with 3D paintings. On the first floor the young clients can dress up their dolls or go to the doll doctor. Also they can walk with their doll through a mini-New York shopping street. There is place for 220 “doll-mothers”. They also can take a photo shoot with their favourite doll in a professional photo studio.
Instore Kids Corners (Spain)
Instore Kids Corners is worlds market leader offering a large number of different Play Structures, Play Systems and interactive games but the basic principle for all these products is the same: “Turning Play Into Profit”. More turnover by entertaining the client’s children or by guiding them through the store with play systems installed at strategic points. The play systems are suitable for 1m2 to unlimited space. Instore Kids Corners also offers Child Furniture, indoor and outdoor Play Structures or custom developed products. Jos de Vries The Retail Company is in Spain the official distributor of the products of Instore Kids Corners.

Ikea (Sweden)
Children form an important role at the famous Swedish Retail chain Ikea. "Småland , land of the small the children is an added value which we can see in every Ikea-store. The children are in these kids area able to create their own experience world. Children between 3 and 10 year are accompanied by experiences personell. The possibilities are almost unlimited, if necessary parents can be informed. Throughout the store you can see that they focus on children, including own bath rooms.

Jamin (The Netherlands)
Delicious, hand-made and crispy products – in the marketing strategy of the experienced Dutch candy specialist these are the key words. With these themes the company focuses on the children, creating a wide range of various candy products. Since over 125 year this candy company is a big player in The Netherlands, especially with the children.

Imaginarium (Spanje)
At the Spanish toy chain Imaginarium the children are the most important clients. This directly is obvious when you see the entrance of the store, a normal entrance for the parents and a special entrance for the children. In the store, next to the big assortment of toys, there is a restaurant. Here the children are able to prepare their own meals with professional suport. All the meals are healthy and show the children what is good and healthy but especially why this is. The Flagship-store at Passeo de Gracia in Barcelona Centre is also for the parents very interesting to visit.

Globus (Germany)
Learning by playing this is the idea of the new Globus stores, in these stores the green theme is central. Their green retail also focuses on children, like in the Southern German city of Freilassing. Here the children learn how recycling works by clear recycle-furniture where they can collect plastic, cartoon and batteries. (every type of material has their own colour). With this idea, on a innovative and pedagogical way the children learn how to show the environment.

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