Development and opening of new showroom Collishop (Belgium)

Recently the new Collishop-showroom in the Belgium city of Halle opened his doors. With the opening of the showroom, the clients of the Collishop-catalogue are able to watch and touch the products. There is a wide range of non-food products: kitchen material, bed and bath textile, complete garden sets and toys for example. The total sales area of this new store is almost 3.000 sqm.

Why did Collishop open a showroom?
Collishop offers more than 15.000 non-food products which can be ordered by catalogue or by internet. The assortment is huge: house hold articles, multi-media products and more products and product groups. The (online) catalogue offers a lot of information, but there was an increasing demand to see and touch the products and not only see it on paper or at the computer screen.

You can find for example an exhibition of complete garden sets. In the showroom the clients are able to compare the material, the format or the colour of the different models, this easens the process of choosing the best product.

What do we experience in this store?
Jos de Vries The Retail Company was responsable for the design and development of this new showroom-concept. Based on the years of experience in the retail sector (for example with the recently opened new Venca-store, Spain biggest online-fashion company.
The showroom is not only a place where the products are presented. Here you also can experience presentations of suppliers presenting their products. Furthermore there is a big number of personell to answer possible questions. Children have their own kids corner in the store. Parents can take their time to look around, compare the articles or to drink a coffee in the bar of the store. A unique shopping experience has been created, a trip for the whole family. This is also one of the main reasons the store is opened on Sunday´s.

Do you find the complete assortment of 15.000 articles?
You can will not find all the products, but you can find the biggest part of the assortment and the product groups. This also makes it interesting for clients who are looking for special gifts. There is an option to select the products and see how these products fit together. For this option there has been a special area created. If you for example want to see if the plates fit the glasses you can check it in this area.

For further questions on this project you can direct your questions to Maurice van der Kooij

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