Introduction of new retail library concept

A couple of months ago two Dutch library organizations started to work together, developing the most seductive library of The Netherlands; The Ideal Library. The network of Overijssel Libraries and Probiblio want to adapt the principles of retail to maintain clients of the libraries and to obtain new clients. By working on a more retail based way presenting the assortment like a retail establishment uses to do.
Jos de Vries The Retail Company designed this new retail concept. The clients will be guided into different worlds of books, where they can find all the different categories, from romance till education. Also there is a clear diferentation between the interest of the different visitors. The children have their own gaming-zone, fatboys and trendy chairs to read their favourite books.

The most important development in this traject is the new system of booking shelves, which has been redeveloped. The books are now presented in a more frontal way. Furthermore throughout the whole area you can see books being presented in an attractive way on the display tables. The desired dynamics will be guaranteed by the personell of the library in Zwolle, which will be trained on presentation techniques.

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