Jos de Vries The Retail Company Toolbox: Development of retail concepts (Part 4: Visual Merchandising)

In the last phase of the process of creating a store concept, Jos de Vries The Retail Company makes use of a toolbox. This practical toolbox includes instruments required to deliver a complete and discerning shop interior. The toolbox prevents decisions regarding the image of the store from being made at random. These must always be rooted in the framework of the concept.
The instruments in the toolbox are*
Today we continue with describing the fourth part of the toolbox.

Visual merchandising
What matters is not just what you sell, but much more how you sell it. Presenting in such a way that it really sells. Opting for a concept-based approach means not just developing, but also coaching and training. Implementing the best possible store picture not just in the opening week but every week calls for process-oriented thinking that makes the employee the success factor. That is work for experienced specialists.
Please contact Jos de Vries The Retail Company for further information. * For more information about using the toolbox, we refer to the book ‘The store manual’, which can be ordered from this website.:

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