Portal Store Design and Retail Management: 5.000 visitors!

Today we have seen the 5.000st visit on the Jos de Vries The Retail Company. The high number of e-mail responses and the high rate of returning visitors show that we are on the good way. The number of 5.000 is special there we started on the 13rd of november with this online version, many changes already took place. We will change much more, we will try to make it more interactive and our experts will write more interesting articles for you based on the latest retail trends.

As you probably know this weblog is not only available in the English language, but also in Dutch, Spanish and Russian. Soon we will present you also the German version. Ofcourse we will inform you on any changes.

We want to thank you for interest and invite you to share your opinion on m
aurice@josdevries.eu or via the comment fields below every article.

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