A world of diference: DIY developments in Europe

By Nico de Jong, creative director with Jos de Vries The Retail Company
From my beginnings (in 1999) in the ‘Do-it-yourself’ sector until the present day, I continue to see DIY store retail concepts develop rapidly. A scant 10 years ago, DIY stores were rectangular, metal boxes with an enormous assortment of products on display. To make this possible, the box was laid out as efficiently as possible, with shelving units and a straight path down the centre. A DIY store felt like a warehouse, and the customer was expected to find his way as best as possible. The enormous competition between DIY centres has lead to the understanding that this concept needed an overhaul.

10 years ago, a DIY store was a rectangular box, efficiently laid out with shelving.

The average DIY store sells tens of thousands of different articles. Consumers must be able to find precisely the product they are looking for. Surveys have shown that customers prefer not to read signs. This means they will have to be lead around the store in a different way. Currently, concept developments featuring ‘worlds’ are becoming increasingly important. Wood, construction, electrics and tools are a DIY store’s standard ‘worlds’. However, the decoration departments such as light, paint and décor are becoming increasingly important. Each ‘world’ has its own atmosphere. Thanks to these different atmospheres, the DIY centre is being divided into departments. These departments lie along the main aisle, which is capped by an inspiring focus point. This point entices the customer to walk the entire main aisle. This leads him past each world. In turn, each ‘world’ has its own focus point. This makes it even more interesting for customers to walk into other departments and make impulse purchases.

DIY centres that entice and inspire are successful

The inspiring focus point is an essential part of a ‘world’. But due to the diversity of the various worlds, it is important to maintain a house style. This creates unity in the store. At Jos de Vries The Retail Company, we continually work on developing these concepts further. My experiences to date have shown that DIY centres that work with enticing and inspiring formulas are most successful.
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