Fair Trade Shop: development of a new store concept

Opening first WAAR store in Nijmegen
At the end of 2008 FaiRSupport, the retail organization behind Fair Trade Shops and Wereldwinkels, opened the first store of the new WAAR-concept. The Fair Trade Shops are located in the center of Amsterdam. The Hague, Haarlem and Utrecht. Fair Trade Original products can be found in the Fair Trade Shops and WAAR. During this year the Fair Trade Shops will be transformed to the by Jos de Vries The Retail Company newly developed store concept of the WAAR-stores.

What is WAAR?
WAAR builds further on the known fundamental elements of the Fair Trade Shop. Fairtrade is one the of the most important focus points of this new formula. The assortment has been increased, FaiRSupport added some special products and product groups. Clients can now find biological articles, products with FSC quality mark and articles of recycled material with a special design. The statement in the store explains where WAAR stands for “ WAAR believes that the world becomes a better place by giving. Worldwide you are able to find authentical gift-ideas with an inspiring story to share. About beauty, power, emotion and love. WAAR brings these pure products, which communicate, closer. For others or for yourself. Always special because of the origen and for returning something to the world. This is WAAR. WAAR is a world to give. “

Durable entrepeneurship
WAAR centralizes to do business in a durable way. The new store concept has been developed by Dutch retail specialist company Jos de Vries The Retail Company. This company has long-time experience in retail and has developed and designed several succesful shop formulas in Europe for the last 28 years. The focus by the development of this concept was on working in the thoughts of the FaiRSupport philosophy, durable and fair products. The interior and the construction has been performed with as many durable products possible, ecological paint and FSC wood. The shelves have been selected to be durable and by type of enviromental-friendly material. To save the environment and lower the energy costs, durable energy and cost-saving lighting has been placed in the store.
The communication is as much as possible digital to save paper and printing. The product information in-store is been provided on tv-screens and future direct mail will be digital.
A special story
Behind the products of WAAR there is always a special story, who produces it, which techniques are used and are there any rituals or uses connected with this product preparation. The products tell these stories, to tell the store further. The more stories told the better the companies who need it will benefit from it, the companies in developing countries. This manner of “storytelling” plays more and more an important role in this store and outside this store. WAAR has been developed in cooperation with Bloei, Van Keulen Interieurbouw and VVO2 Retailcommunicatie.
WAAR has developed a new website
www.ditiswaar.nl where you can find more information on this concept. For other newly developed retail concepts you can take a look at www.josdevries.eu.

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