Jos De Vries The Retail Company: Creators of new store concepts

The purchasing decision of the consumer is based, in addition to the product quality and price, increasingly on the positive image of the shop. These days the product-range is the same everywhere and people therefore buy where they feel comfortable. In the future, the added values emotion and brand-identity determine the success of a formula.

Since many years Jos de Vries The Retail Company is a well-known organisation in the retail business. We are specialised in analysing, designing and realising shop concepts all over Europe. We know for a fact that the successful presentation of shops and products can not only bring about a positive image but also achieve above-average successes. But how can the retailer anticipate and react to the trends of today and the developments of tomorrow? And how do you transform a shop-identity into a brand-identity and still be distinctive from other shop formulas?

We can help you with this. Through shop-analysis, a strategic plan and the development of a complete and unique shop concept design we provide you a total solution for your formula.

Our skills and disciplines
- Retail strategy
- Shop analysis
- Concept development
- Interior design
- Creating brand-identity
- Graphic design
- Visual merchandising
- Industrial design
- Permanent display

Together with these skills and disciplines and our long-time experience in retail we have developed and designed several successful shop formulas in Europe for the last 25 years

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