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Let me tell you a store (2008)
The world is moving at a breakneck speed. Everyone seems to be looking for new opportunities. Is choice an imposing possibility? Is innovation the magical word? In “Let me tell you a store” European retailers, designers, strategists and trend watchers tell their personal and inspiring stories. No fairy tales but retail in every little detail.

Who are you? Where do you stand for? Let the store be the place to tell your story to the customer. The theory of our successful Store Manual, now described in practice.

You can order this manual for € 35,00 (excl. Postage and Package)

The Store Manual (2005)
Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been working his way through the marvels of the Retail world since twenty years. Since the Retail branch on its way to professionalism is developing and also scholarly interest was growing, there still wasn’t a manual.
Jos de Vries The Retail Company has made a definite change in bringing out “The Store Manual” a must for every store.

You can order this manual for € 35,00 (excl. Postage and Package)

The sixth sense of retail (2002)
For many years Jos de Vries the Retail Company has been recording and interpreting the most important developments in the market for the consumer and the retailer. In combination with our own vision and that of our clients, we have developed a sixth sense that allows us to analyse the rapidly changing trends and to translate them into successful retail concepts for Europe.
Which developments in the retail branch can we expect in the near future? And how can you as the retailer react to this?
In our book 'The sixth sense of retail' we give an overview of what we feel the most important trends and developments are in the broad-ranging field of consumer behaviour, retail concepts and store design for food and non-food.

You can order this book for Euro 27,50 (transport expenses excluded).

The concept is the hero (1999)
The successful presentation of shop and products can not only bring about a positive image but also achieve above-average successes. Our advice, therefore, consists of analyses, a plan for a strategy and its realisation. You benefit, furthermore, from our long-term customer supervision and you rapidly realise the influence small details have on large balances.

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