Golden rules visual merchandising: improve shop performance

Visual Merchandising
• Visual Merchandising is a tool to create emotion around the product

• “The product is the hero!”

• The ten golden rules…..

Visual Merchandising

The ten golden rules
Rule 1
• The product is the hero
• Create product dominance
• The fixture is of minor importance

Rule 2
• Use product-related items
• Use visual merchandising in the counter

Rule 3
• The staff brings the product to the customer
- staff supermarket

Pre-packed service:
• The product is sold in self-service
• The department looks like a service department
• The product is prepared in sight of the customer
• Possibility to create a perfect presentation

Rule 4
• Make shopping easy for the customer
• ‘Solution shopping’
• Make it visible

Rule 5
• Use the full height of the store
• Use products or graphics

Rule 6
• Make the products accessible
• Don’t create a museum
• Surround the customer with products

Rule 7
• Create full sight on the preparation of the product

Rule 8
• Integrate price-communication and graphics in the product presentation

Rule 9
• Create special places for impulse and offers

Rule 10
• Use product-orientated lighting
• Accentuate special items

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