Jos de Vries The Retail Company develops innovative new fashion store: Venca (Barcelona)

Venca is the market leader in “fashion on distance” in Spain. With over 25 years of experience this company is the specialist in sales of fashion and textile via catalogue and internet. With a turn-over of 145 million euro per year, Venca has a market share of 60% in (clothing) sales on distance in Spain. Since 1988 Venca is part of the Group 3Suisses Internetional, one of worlds leading postorder companies with a customer database of 8.500.000 clients. This group is present in 11 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia and Spain) as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan and Tunisia.

Venca wants to come closer to their customers with the implemantation of the new multi-channel strategy, this means opening stores in Spain. The first store is located in Calle Balmes, in the city center of Barcelona, close to the famous, central square Plaza Cataluña. This new store is show room as well as pilot-store for the Venca brand, and tries to increase the service to the clients, present the products from the catalogue and stimulate the sales.

For the positioning and implementation of the new concept Venca elected Estrella Fernández (strategic) and Jos de Vries The Retail Company (development and realization of the new concept). The retailspecialist Jos de Vries The Retail Company (with headquarters in The Netherlands and further offices in Germany, Russia and Spain) is one of the leading design agencies in the Spanish and European retail market. In Spain Jos de Vries The Retail Company is well-known for the development of new concepts for Grupo Cuevas and Caprabo (big regional supermarket chains), Coca Cola and Procter & Gamble (POS display solutions) and Forum Sport.

The Venca store faced some drastic changes: the lay-out and the interior design were the focus points at the development of the concept with the products as central point. The entrances were made bigger, making access more easy, a central zone was developed with the theme “fashion you like and which makes you beautiful” and the communication and the brand of Venca was strengthened by the logo communication and the “brand wall” at the entrance. The check-out is placed next to the entrance and the fitting rooms are located at the end of the store, creating strategically routing for the “obligated” points in the store.

Inside the store and in the display window the fashion is presented by extraordinary mannequins, directly at the entrance some mannequins are placed seducing clients to enter the store. This all is well-balanced with the rest of the store. Once inside the store the clients are seduced and guided into new zones and product groups. The lightning presents every group in an attractive way. The warmth and the mediterranean character is represented by the light-brown and yellow colour of the walls, creating an open and pleasant environment.

The end result can be seen as very innovative and a big step forward in the world of retailing, a whole new experience for Venca, a new player in this competitive market.
Please contact Maurice van der Kooij for further information.

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