ZOO & Co. Pilot store opened with success

Jos de Vries The Retail Company developed a totally new pet store concept, with the product being the hero. The beginning of April the completely new store concept opened the doors in Herzogenrath near Aachen in Germany.

In the pilot store of ZOO& Co. Aquatop with a sales area of 1.000 sqm plus 300 sqm outdoor space (for firshes and accesories for fishes) ZOO & Co. worked together with the Dutch retail company
Jos de Vries The Retail Company. A new, innovative store concept was developed and realized.

Central theme is the recognition and the strong focus of the ZOO & Co brand, with extra attention for the animal care and animal welfare and the communication to the consumers.

The team of 12 people of this store, could welcome at the first three days after the opening 3.145 paying customers. The start and the months that followed are very promosing. Jürgen Grohs, one of the owners of the ZOO & Co Aquatop-store, explains: „The concept has a clear structure, with a lot of communication at the Point-Of-Sale.” There is an information desk where information and tips can be gathered by the visitors.
The products are presented in an inviting manner, what stimulates the sales of the products. The promotion shelves are ideal to present the offers in an interesting way. The price communication plays in this new concept a more important role, also influenced by the economical recession. The price is not the most important for the formula, the client is looking for the right combination between price, assortment and a animal-friendly presentation of the animals.

Buying experince is in the store of Herzogenrath guaranteed. The shopping experience is not only the store construction, but especially the product which is central and the price worthness of the products. The new developed store concept can be rolled out easilty to other stores of the chain.

The ZOO&Co worked together with the Dutch retail specialist
Jos de Vries The Retail Company. Creative Director Günter Bauer of Jos de Vries The Retail Company explains: „Different than a traditional shop fitter, Jos de Vries The Retail Company is able to translate more the story of Product, Price and Emotion.“

New in the ZOO&Co concept are the wall decoration with animal images and brand logos throughout the store with the claim “the best for the animal”. The claim is supported by emotional wall focus points with animal images, experiences and information texts and a service enter.

The furniture is lighted by energy-friendly lighting which varies throughout the day and on the section of animals. Sales shelves are transparent so the client can easily see the total assortment of products.

AQUATOP already has one ZOO&CO in Simmerath and the biggest ZOO&Co in the Euregio in Würselen.
To the clients of Jos de Vries The Retail Company also belong Edeka, Globus, Migros and Jumbo.


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