Jos de Vries The Retail Company develops supermarket of the new generation in Galicia (Spain): Aquí é

Modern design, the use of new technologies and a well-balanced assortment based on healthy groceries are united in the formula Aqui é, the new concept of the Cuevas Group. Jos de Vries The Retail Company has developed this new generation supermarket concept, the concept can be best described by the three key words speed, taste and health.

This innovative supermarket in Ourense (North-West of Spain) has a “star”-department, where an interactive menu is offered, with suggestions of healthy meals. The consumers can obtain these menus in three different ways: completely prepared, on a dish to prepare a certain amount or by ingredient. The other important novelty is the “single row”, this is to evoid that the customer gets the idea that the other row goes faster.

The new formula uses several progressive new technologies, the cooling equipment with innovative design (designed by Smeva), lightning with low consumption of electricity, a system of electronical price tags generating the right price of the product and bio-friendly packaging.

All this has been created to give the client maximum transparency and guarantees, in a social and ecological way. The reaction of the clients to the new concept is very positive, while Jos de Vries The Retail Company and Grupo Cuevas continue to convert more supermarkets into the Aqui é concept.

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