Doove is a store for people with a handicap

from Jan Kroon

They can order wheelchairs and other equipment to deal with the physical problems they have to solve. It sounds like a store without happiness.We choose for another view on this kind of customer. Most of them are not pettyfull.
They have a very positive view on life and why shoudn't we make that feeling stronger by creating an enjoyfull environment. Most of the time there are familymembers (friends) who are coming with the handicapped customer and why don't we trigger them also to buy things for a healthy life. So we've made a wellness departmentstore with enjoyfull/ healthy products on the groundfloor like spa-baths, fitness equipment, sauna's, relaxing-massage chairs, soap, towels etc.
To make a statement for this concept we designed a juicebar and terrace on this floor connected to a health library/shop, an informal spot where you can talk with the staff members and have a healthy drink.
The second floor shows the sleeping part of life healthy beds (components), pillows, knee chairs etc. The upperlevel shows scootmobils, wheelchairs, special bikes. To make this level more attractive and sportive the customers can test the products on a testingtrack whit obstacles.On the wall you can see moodphoto's whith a bright view on life, the challenges we have to overwin. Al the floors are connected through a high 'bamboe' wall wich is standing in the middle of the open space. From there you can have an overview of all the product groups.

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