Zeeman: a well-known name in the European textile industry for the past 40 years

With more than 1,000 shops in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, the textile discounter has expanded into a trusted and successful chain over the past 40 years.
The basic assumption in modernising the Zeeman formula was to chart a safe course: rather than revolutionary solutions, refine the formula in layout and visual identity as well as merchandise mix.

The sales tables that formed the trusted image of the formula have been entirely revamped in the new design. The new, contemporary and flexible design was created in close cooperation with Hemi Winkelinrichting. Customers still have that market feeling, which always characterised the formula. Racks have also been added to the shop, which has given Zeeman the opportunity to present an optimal merchandise mix.

The various groups of merchandise are presented together within the product groups. This provides ‘worlds’ where the customer can easily examine the complete line. To emphasize this, ‘hotspots’ have been made in the layout, where the changing and more trendy merchandise are presented. The ‘Hotspots’ are indicated on the walls, within the Zeeman identity, with blue polycarbonate plate.

The major challenge for Jos de Vries The Retail Company was the danger of not being able to upgrade the formula. Zeeman is a successful discount formula, which is still the case in the first pilot store in Alkmaar (The Netherlands), according to customers. We wish Zeeman a safe voyage with the further roll-out of the concept!

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