Multimate: “an evolution, not a revolution”

The DIY formula Multimate is updated by Jos de Vries The Retail Company.
Multimate is the number 5 DIY formula in Holland. The markets are ‘smaller’ stores, in comparison to formula’s like PRAXIS, GAMMA, KARWEI and HORNBACH.

The colours and signing of the ‘old’ Multimate concept where developed more than 10 years ago. However, the ‘old’ Multimate concept was successful.
For this reason the update was supposed to be an evolution, not a revolution.

The Multimate pilot store in Losser (NL)

Just before 20 Big Boss DIY markets were rebuild into Multimate DIY markets the concept update was finished.
Furthermore Jos de Vries The Retail Company.advised in the new energy saving lighting concept.

The products are with the new concept better illuminated, and the power supply is reduced.
For every former Big Boss store, a new Multimate façade was drawn.

New façade concept, new logo, higher entrance, banners, service signing

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