The supermarket flower display

On behalf of Bloemenbureau Holland (Flower Board Holland), Jos de Vries has collaborated in giving flowers and plants in European supermarkets a more professional and suitable presentation for the product.

Bloemenbureau Holland is a non-profit organisation designed, through specialisation and cooperation, to improve the sales potential of flowers and plants far beyond our borders, thereby boosting trade.

The project, the optimal display, brings together all the knowledge from the sector to inform, inspire and reach solutions for a number of practical challenges on the shop floor. The problem definition focuses on the following questions:

• What kind of role can the display fulfil for product classification (differences in length, guidelines for colour, maintenance, consumer purchasing criteria)?
• What can be done to tempt the shopping consumer and highlight the incentive?
• What kind of simple solutions can we offer for the practical aspects inherent in the flower and plant category: water, shelf life, knowledge on the shop floor?
• How can we create more experience with/on the shelf? Cross merchandising, branding, other means of communication, lighting must be integrated.

To illustrate the results of the project and to encourage retailers to consider flowers as a full-fledged category or for an impulse purchase, Jos de Vries has designed a flower display to be presented at the Horti Fair 2008.

The display satisfies three basic conditions:
- Increase the impulse value through clearly-defined communication and a modular display.
- Differentiate within flowers and plants and make this known. A private label, premium and biological classification is legitimate.
- Improve the perception of flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are fresh products.

If, as a retailer, you’d like to boost your flower and plant sales, we invite you to develop with us.
Contact: for further information.

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