Capabro moving towards fresh products - Jos de Vries The Retail Company-case

We would like to present one of our succesfull projects realized 2 years ago for the Caprabo-chain in Barcelona.

In its new store model, located in the Shopping Centre L’Illa de Barcelona, Capabro is carrying out a pilot programme firmly committed to the inclusion of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The chain is committed to transforming the shopping experience into a quick, convenient and functional one for the client by strengthening its offer of fresh produce. In order to do this, and in contrast to standard retail practice, the fruit and vegetable shelves are the first ones to greet visitors to the store directly after the checkout area. Another new feature is the height of the shelves themselves, which are lower than usual and more accessible. Illumination plays an essential role in all of this adding quality to the atmosphere of the whole area.

The design was created by the Dutch company Jos de Vries The Retail Company, specialist in retail areas. The store has been divided into three areas: fresh produce on entering the store, packed products, wine cellar and perfumery at the back and household accessories on the right.The company completely remodelled 5,000 square metres of floor space in only three weeks (4,000 in the sales area) at a cost of 2.5 million Euros.

The project was inspired by the British group Tesco and the company is thinking of extending it gradually to the rest of its stores. During this period the company will invest 105 million Euros in opening 73 new stores.In the first six months of this year Capabro has opened nine new establishments spread throughout Madrid, Catalonia, Navarra, Barcelona and the Valencia Region. These have a sales area of between 700 and 2,400 square metres.
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