Globus Ludwigshafen, chosen as Germany’s Best beverages dealer for 2008

by Jens Bork

From this point I would like to express my warmest congratulations to Managing Director Hermann Hamann and his team, as well as Team-leader for Beverages Steffen Sold (see also awards photo), and to thank them all for a fantastic team effort. I should now like to give a short explanation of the title of my article.

Size: With its 2,200 m² of floor space, this market is at the present time the only one in Europe boasting such a size. As space was to become available next to the self-service department store, Globus Ludwigshafen, the Globus management decided to remove the beverages market from the department store and build a new one together with the adjacent tire centre and petrol station. The large petrol station with a two-lane car wash is located in front of the beverage centre. The tire centre is directly adjacent to the beverage centre.

Clear concept: due to its excellent orientation system, made possible through the use of large focus points above the product groups, the market’s classic ‘man’s world’ environment is also very popular with its female customers. The customer resonance in the initial 3 months following the market’s opening clearly reflected this. A large, clean-lined deposit return station and cooling section for tap beer complete the market’s service and increase long-term customer bonding.

Perfect realisation: As a result of years of partnership with Jos de Vries The Retail Company, the realisation of the concept was executed to a T. A large service island, promotion modules atop the beverage shelves, and a high orientation pylon in the car park give the concept transparency, orientation and a positive shopping atmosphere, leading to a very positive reception of the centre in the region.
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