New Dynacoat Retail Concept Launched in Poland

Dynacoat, an AKZO-NOBEL brand, provides a range of quality automotive refinish products. Dynacoat products are available throughout Eastern and Western Europe, and the brand is expanding into Africa and the Middle East.

Originally limited to primers, clears and other ancillary products, the Dynacoat international paint brand now includes a quality basecoat and a direct gloss topcoat mixing system. The Dynacoat mixing machine system offers thousands and thousands of local and international solid, metallic and pearl car colours.

Dynacoat has commissioned Jos de Vries The Retail Company to develop a total, but easy-to-use, merchandising concept to optimise the sales system and help its dealers with a professional merchandising system. The new concept has been created around the mixing machine and strongly communicates the Dynacoat brand. The objective is to present the entire Dynacoat range in a manner that is user friendly and solution oriented.
The concept is modular and contains both presentation and communication components and units.
In its smallest form, it consists of an efficient presentation shelf and in its most comprehensive form, it consists of a complete stand-alone store concept.

Jos de Vries The Retail Company and the Dynacoat team are also jointly providing training and presentation sessions to optimise the use and success of the concept.

The new concept has been launched in Poland with a first pilot store. A second store will be opened in the Czech Republic next month. A further roll-out in central Europe is envisaged.

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