Jos de Vries The Retail Company: Retail Courier 13

The Retail Courier is a periodical from Jos de Vries The Retail Company. In this Periodical we inform you about the latest trends and developments in the Retail area in The Netherlands and in other Countries. Herein we also discuss the most recent Projects from Jos de Vries The Retail Company and there are a number of interesting subjects like Instore-Communication, Lighting concepts, etc.

You can download the latest Retail Courier here (PDF, 3,5 MB)
You can apply for a free copy of the Retail Courier by way of our “Contact and Information” button on the site. Have you missed one? No problem, you can always back-order a copy. The Retail Courier is printed in Dutch, English, Spanish and German.

Retailing needs change
Without doubt, the current financial crisis will change consumer behaviour and shopping patterns at unprecedented rates.Read on >

Are you ready for the next generation?
In the short term current developments in the financial world will naturally have a major impact on consumers shopping behaviour.Read on >

Supermarket of the Future
To form a picture of how things will be in the future, it is first necessary to take a good look at the past, and to ask a number of different questions.Read on >

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