Jamin whetting Dutch appetites again

Jamin has been a household name in the Netherlands for 125 years. Its famous macaroons, super smooth ice-creams and assorted delicacies for Easter, Sinterklaas and Christmas have made Jamin the number-one specialist in sweets and confectionery. In 2008, Jamin had 145 franchises and eight fully-owned stores.

At the beginning of October this year, two pilot stores incorporating the new Jamin concept were opened in Zwolle and Geleen. Jos de Vries The Retail Company devised this new concept and RBM aided the construction and layout of the two brand-new stores.

Minno Venema, operations manager at Jamin Winkelbedrijven, explains the partnership:
‘With the advent of a new management at Jamin at the start of the year, it was decided to breathe a new lease of life into the company. Although Jamin enjoys widespread popularity, we were keen to know exactly how customers view the brand image and product range in 2008.
What attracts customers to Jamin?
The current store concept was put under a microscope. We came to the conclusion that the stores were missing two key elements: communication with the customer; and the focus on Jamin’s history and tradition.
We have a great deal of in-house experience with store concepts, but we were looking for a fresh look. We therefore approached a number of retail strategy and design agencies to help crystallise our ideas. Ultimately, we selected Jos de Vries The Retail Company. We identified the most with their vision. No revolutionary change in store image, but the expansion of our model store in Rijswijk into a modern-day concept.

The fact that Jos de Vries The Retail Company is under the same roof as Retail Bouw Management, was instrumental in our choice. Cooperation between all parties involved was extremely favourable. We are quickly able to translate design into implementation. Not only does it lead to savings in time, but we are well within budget.
We have high hopes for the future and we have ambitious plans. It goes without saying that the new store concept will lead to higher turnovers per store. If we attain these results, our aim is to expand to over 300 stores throughout the Netherlands.’

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