The development of convenience store concepts in Finland

Suomen Lähikauppa has three retail chains: Siwa, Valintatalo and Euromarket. Each of these has their own unique character, but they all have their local store philosophy in common. They all want to be close to their customers. This is also the Finnish translation of the name Lähikauppa.

Suomen Lähikauppa (beter known under the former name Tradeka) has 760 stores in Finland, with new ones constantly being established. Finland's most popular local store, Siwa, has some 550 stores, and the number of Valintatalo stores is just under 200. Euromarket, with its more extensive product range, operates in 23 locations around Finland.
Jos de Vries The Retail Company and Lähikauppa have been working together for over 8 years now, developing and improving the three different concepts Siwa, Valintatalo and Euromarket.


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