Long live the LED: From LED lighting to full-service system

Retail Bouw Management A construction agency is an important link in the development of a retail formula. Project agency Retail Bouw Management provides full service.

It does everything it can to support and guide the construction and remodelling of a store, store interior or chain. This executive task is the most visible aspect of the job, but RBM’s role as an advisor is becoming increasingly important. The average retail cannot keep up with the demands, regulations, licenses and innovations in the construction field.

Taking a load off your shoulders We are faced with ever more legislation and regulations for environmental issues, energy, noise pollution, fire safety and associated areas. We can quite safely state that as a construction agency, we take the load of these requirements off our clients’ shoulders. First of all, we know what we need to take into account. Second of all, we anticipate social developments and take care of licenses, applications, etc.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction

For entrepreneurs, corporate social responsibility goes beyond selling organic meat or non-sweatshop clothing; it’s also about the building, the store and human resource policies. Just like the fashion and marketing sectors, eco is ‘hot’. One of the innovative aspects of our work at the moment is ecologically friendly construction and energy efficient operation.

A hot button issue is chilling of dairy products in stores. These open systems lead to a great deal of energy loss. We are already anticipating new regulations and considering the options together with the retailer and the cooling systems suppliers.

For example, in 2009 we will be working on a chain of supermarkets that operates almost entirely on regained energy. The heat generated by cooling, air-conditioning

and other systems is recaptured and reused.

RBM is at an advanced stage of preparations for a new retail formula where the entire building is built in an environmentally friendly way, with heat recapture, environmentally sound décor and eco-focused product offerings. These are innovative, challenging products

Long live the LED

Lighting energy use is a hot topic. Lighting is crucial for creating the right atmosphere and drawing attention to products within a store; it’s part of the store design. It’s also an expensive element due to the energy consumption.

LEDs are making more and more possible. While more expensive to purchase, the energy consumption is far lower and the lifespan much longer. They also offer new opportunities in terms of function.

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