Retailtrends in the world of food retail: sales of cosmetics in the supermarket

Retailtrends from all over the world. This item appears monthly in the German magazine for food professionals Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel and Jos de Vries The Retail Company is responsable for the articles where the latest trends on the different topics are presented.

The time we present the latest trends in sales of cosmetics in supermarkets. How do the cosmetics departments in supermarkets look like?
Mercator (Slovenia)
The biggest problem of big superficies in supermarkets are the atmosphere and orientation. Mercator focused a lot on these points realizing the new hypermarket concepts (realized by
Jos de Vries The Retail Company). Creating extra ambiance, focusing with spot lightning and a good lay-out, the food clients find their way to the non-food section. Next to the correct lightning concept, Mercator uses a lot of colours, smells and ecological construction materials to point out their cosmetics department.

Carrefour (Spain)
The French hypermarket chain developed hand in hand with Procter & Gamble a project to stimulate the sales of cosmetics in their hypermarkets. The project was leaded by
Jos de Vries The Retail Company and the main objective was to optimalize the men section inside the cosmetics department. Special shelving plans were developed to attract the men to the cosmetics department and increase the sales of the cosmetics (like for example shaving creme and perfume) of Procter & Gamble and the other manufacturers.

Kozmo (Croatia)
It is not necessary to have a big cosmetics department in the supermarket, but also smaller departments can work out well, as we see in the supermarkets of Kozmo in Croatia. With a restyling of the concept, a new 150m2 cosmetics department was created with a more modern design and a broader assortment. The results of this first new restyling-operation was the increase of sales in cosmetics with over 30%, in a short time of period.

Loblaw (Canada)
The sales are not only generated by food products but also by nonfood products as we see at Loblaw in Canada. Loblaw is the market leader in Canada, famous for the high standard of design, high quality and the big assortment of food and nonfood products. The cosmetic products play an important role, for the turnover but also the profitability, resulting in some stores into a cosmetics department of up to 10.000m2.

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