Dutch retail formula Organic “Food For You”

Dutch retail specialist Jos de Vries The Retail Company developed a new concept for a biological retail concept. The Organic concept is born out of the will to offer a cualitative assortment of (fresh) biological products. Organic wants to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for conscious consumers who are searching delicious and responsable (biological) eat and drinks products. Organic is the expert in biological products and wants to share this information with the consumers. The best biological components and meals have been selected to prepare your creative and healthy meal at home.

Unique and different biological retail concept
The challenge to translate this philosophy to an unique and different, modern store concept with an own brand, logo and identity was the starting point for Jos de Vries The Retail Company. Recognizability and attraction of the logo is very important for a store formula. The designed logo translated the characteristics of the retail concept, trendy, delicious and biological, this is supported by the olive colour and the form. This can also be seen at the packaging of their own private brand label.

Having fun doing biological shopping
The focus in the assortment is on fresh products. The best fresh assortment (varying per season), authentical, pure of origen and honoust prepared can be found in the Organic stores. The lay-out of the store is different than a traditional supermarket lay-out, the fresh departments are integrated in a dominating island, placed in the middle of the store.

Dominating instore product presentation
The choice of material translated the character of the formula, it is pure and authentic. The shop design elements are minimal to let the products play a dominating role in the store, combined with warm lighting.


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