Opening new library concept "The Ideal Library"

Last Tuesday 21st of July the library of Zwolle (The Netherlands) opened its doors of the totally new library concept. A couple of months ago 2 library service organizations started to work together and they wanted to have a development of the most seductive library of The Netherlands, the ideal library concept.

The network of “Overijsselse Bibliotheken” and Probiblio wanted to act more as a retail company to maintain the clients and to attract new customers. This retail concept included a logical lay-out, grouping of books, good presentation of the books and some interative screens to select your preferred books. The concept was developed by Jos de Vries The Retail Company and brings the visitors to different book worlds, where they can find different groups, from romance to education. Retail Bouw Management partner of Jos de Vries The Retail Company in project management, was responsable for the construction of this new “ideal library concept.”

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