Trends in retail marketing: marketing for singles

Retailtrends from all over the world. This item appears monthly in the German magazine for food professionals Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel and Jos de Vries The Retail Company is responsable for the articles where the latest trends on the different topics are presented.

The theme we would like to present this time is “single-marketing”. The increase of single families is every year higher and higher, this leads into increased interest in convenience. Below you can find some examples of how international food retailers adapt to this retail trend.

Trader Joe´s (United States)
Lifestyle-convenience for an honoust price is the successful motto of the American supermarket specialist Trader Joe´s. In the cities this supermarkets focuses on convenience, the assortment, the lay-out of the supermarket and the service-aspect. Employees wear hip hawaii-shirts and just as the decoration of the supermarket it gives the image of a relaxed life-style.

Albert Heijn To Go (The Netherlands)

The Dutch marketleader recently launched some new supermarkets concepts; Albert Heijn to Go and the new Albert Heijn to Go XS (Extra Small). With these formulas Albert Heijn has choosen for comfortable meal solutions in a premium-quality, fast and fresh. The smallest Albert Heijn to Go XS (located at the train station Rotterdam Alexander) has a big assortment focusing on the single / single-travelling consumers with the big assortment in sandwiches, paninis, drinks and fruit&vegetables in practical, small packages.

Louis Delhaize Brussels Airport (Belgium)
The new “Shop&Go”-formula of the Belgian retailer Louis Delhaize created an assortment that focuses on the demands of the passengers, visitors and employees of Brussels Airport Zaventem. (convenience, speed and assortment). Stewardess can buy new socks, passengers can buy dvd´s for on the road and if the refrigerator is empty you can find your fast and healthy food before to return home.

Ipercoop (Italië)
Ipercoop in Italy focuses on the wishes and demands of the single consumers. In Bologna this Italian supermarket chain offers a wide range of ready-made-pizza and pasta products. The assortment is supported by punctual focused lighthing, handwritten offers and a well-balanced fresh assortment.

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