Retail trends in food: Convenience stores, c-store concepts

Retailtrends from all over the world. This item appears monthly in the German magazine for food professionals Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel and Jos de Vries The Retail Company is responsable for the articles where the latest trends on the different topics are presented.

A big number of consumers is looking for saving time and convenience at the hour of shopping, preparing the meals and consuming the meals. Convenience is the key word. This articles therefor explains some of the latest trends in convenience store concepts in the European food sector.

Tesco (United Kingdom)
"Food to Go" is now not only symbol for prepacked meals if you ask today´s consumer. The British supermarket chain Tesco, famous for their convenience store concept, does not only offer prepacked meals and ready-to-eat sandwiches, but also prepares these fresh-made meals in the supermarkets. That the clients can see, smell and taste the freshness of the meals gave a good impulse in sales of the convenience articles.
IKI (Lithuania)
A topic what generates a lot of discussion in the food retail sector is the theme of self scanning in supermarkets. In Lithuania it is very common to self scan your products in the supermarkets. In the supermarkets of IKI (In English: Hello), one of the most important players in Lithuania with over 200 supermarkets, the clients can choose between self scanning or paying at the traditional check-out. The self-scanning they can do with the customer loyalty card or credit card. Here you can see that mayority of the consumers already use the option of the self-scanning service.
Holiday Classic (Russia)
"Ready to eat" with this concept clientes are being seduced by the Russian supermarket chain Holiday Classic. Fresh presented ingredients are being prepared instore. For the chain the change into convenience en fresh concept resulted in an increase of customers with over 30%.

Jumbo (The Netherlands)
Cheap, friendly personell, good assortment, fresh products, fash shopping and money-back warantee, these are some of the 7 warantees of the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo. If not all the check-outs are occupied, the fourth client in waiting row can obtain the value of their shopping for free. All these warantees resulted into success, new stores are being developed and for the 5th year in a row the supermarket chain has been choosen “best supermarket chain of The Netherlands”.

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