Jumbo Supermarket Chain developed by Jos de Vries The Retail Company

Jumbo (the Netherlands)

Jumbo is a fast growing, succesfull in the Dutch retail market. The family-run company is heading towards a turnover of 2.00 billion euros this year, a five times as much compared to the 400 million in 2002.The number of stores has grown steadily over this period. While the company only had 36 stores in 2002, that number has grown to 121 at the end of 2008.

Jumbo’s secret, according to Director Frits van Eerd, is staying very close to the customer. Our formula is designed around the customer, not dreamt up first and then tested on consumers to see if they like it. Since the start of the developement of the Jumbo formula Jos de Vries The Retail Company has been responsable for the development of these 120 new stores and involved by the realization of these stores by doing the project management.

The current formula for Jumbo, founded in 1921 as a wholesaler of colonial goods, was introduced in 1996, making Jos de Vries The Retail Company and Jumbo working for over 15 years together. Jumbo’s growth ambitions remain strong. The supermarket chain opened 4 new stores in 2008, and a further 10 are already being developed for this year.

The company currently has a roughly 5 percent market share, that they hope to expand to 6 or 7 percent. The “Every Day Low Prices” supermarket chain has an extremely high turn-over of €200,= per week.

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