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Retailtrends from all over the world. This item appears monthly in the German magazine for food professionals Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel and Jos de Vries The Retail Company is responsable for the articles where the latest trends on the different topics are presented.

The topic we would like to share with you are the latest trends on gournet stores worldwide.

Barrrique (Germany)
Barrrique Feincost directly shows entering this gourmet, where they want to stand for, everything focused on delicatessen, varying from many international different types of wine till fresh brewed beer, including experienced knowledge of the personell.
The formula focuses on all different types of households, the specialities can be prepared for every size the customer wants and the customer can also please the label they prefer.

The tendency of this gourmet chain is very positive, currently you can find 27 Barrrique stores in Germany.

Marinello Comestibles (Switzerland)
The ones that are looking for luxery, exclusive delicatessen are at the right place at Marinello Comustibles. Especially the assortment of cheeses is very exclusive, the way it is presented, the big assortment and the taste center. It offers a well-balanced assortment of the best Swiss and foreign cheeses, presented at a high standard and in an innovative way. The right wine is recomended and offered by a well-balanced cross-merchandising system

Globus (Czech Republic)
A selective assortment of delicatessen gives a lot of success for Globus in Czech Republic. This concept developed by Jos de Vries The Retail Company offers a wide range of international specialties.

These delicatessen from the different countries are a must for this chain, the customer are crazy for the assortment and combine a lot of the international products. Therefor the Italian delicatessen are presented next to the English tea and French wine

Food Emporium (Verenigde Staten)
At Food Emporium in New York, what is in a name, the client has a big choice of a wide range of all international specialties. This is all presented in an open space, which creates an imposing ambiance. Products from all the continents are well presented in this store.

Premium-brands and catering service make it that this formula is considered as one of the most succesfull specialists on food in the United States. Just in Manhattan New York you are able to find 16 Food Emporium stores, all with the typical assormtent of products, presented in an impressive ambiance.

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